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Try a screwdriver. Or a hammer. If It'd cause me so much frustration I had to post it on this website I'd have pulled out a chainsaw by now.

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Q: How do you reposition shelves in a GE refrigerator?
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How many shelves are in the GE Profile 25.5 CuFt French Door Refrigerator?

This refrigerator comes with four glass shelves

Who do I call for maintenance on a GE fridge in Atlanta?

Who do I call about refrigerator maintenance on a GE brand refrigerator? I live in Atlanta, GA.

Which of the following is a quantized condition?

Food on shelves in a refrigerator

What year is this refrigerator GE TBF15SFC?


Where can I purchase GE refrigerator parts?

You can go to the following website to purchase extra or replaceable ge refrigerator parts

What kind of glass are refrigerator shelves made of?

Toughened Glass, so the shelves can support several kilos of food.

Where can I find GE refrigerator parts to fix my ice maker?

You can find parts for your GE refrigerator on their official website: You can also check other vendors online that may carry GE as well.

What is the year of GE refrigerator TFX24PF?


Is there an online site to buy refrigerator repair parts?

Yes there are lots of places online where you can get used GE parts that are genuine. You can go to or

How many watts to run a GE refrigerator model TBX23ZG?

2100 watts to run the refrigerator

Will GE provide a furniture bundle deal with a purchase of their highline refrigerator?

No , GE is no longer running this promotion.

How many shelves does the Whirlpool ED2KVEXVQ 21.7 CuFt Side-by-Side Refrigerator have?

The ED2KVEXVQ had four shelves and two clear drawers.