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This link should let you obtain the manual for detailed instructions with photos.

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Q: How do you replace the trimmer line for a weed eater RT112?
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How do you replace a weed eater trimmer line on a sam 210?

If this is in fact an Echo SRM 210, then a manual is linked below.

What is weed eater trimmer line made of?


What is the purpose of a line trimmer?

A line trimmer, also known as a string trimmer, is used to trim grass or weeds. The piece of equipment also goes by the name of a weed eater, or weed whacker.

How can you replace the trimmer line mac 2816?

Locate the trimmer head at the shaft. Remove debris in the head. Cut a 14-inch piece of the trimmer line and fold it. Place the spool against the spindle. Feed the ends of the line through the eyelets. Push the spool down and pull the trimmer line tight with your hands. Tighten the spool.

How do you string a dual line remington trimmer?

It is easy to string a dual line Remington trimmer by following the instructions in the manual. The manual was supplied with the trimmer when purchased.

How do you pull more string out of trimmer?

This is actually easier than it first appears. # Line up the two arrows on the outer-spool and inner-reel. # ## This opens the channels from the feed-holes to the locking holes. # Remove any line left in the locking holes. # Feed new line into feed holes up though the channels until you have enough to place the ends of the lines into the locking holes. # Place line ends into the locking holes and pull tight. # Wind the inner-reel counter-clockwise, taking up the new line. Pause occasionally to pull each line tight. Leave about 4 inches at each end.

How much is replacement line for a Poulan Pro trimmer?

You can expect to pay about $5 for replacement line for a Poulan Pro trimmer.

Can a 115 trimmer line be replaced with another trimmer line of a differen gauge?

Yes it can, but the line does not last as long. My experience has taught me that the smaller the line the shorter the lifespan.

How do you change the trimmer line on a 5 HP Briggs and Stratton trimmer mower?


How can I make the weed eater trimmer line last longer?

Keep it in a bucket with soap and water so it doesn't dry out. Pre-cut a few lengths at a time so you won't need to mess with it too often.

What causes gas to come out fuel line on weed eater?

The return fuel line is loose or damaged. I have the same issue if you are talking the return fuel line. Here is a site I found a diagram on.

What kind of nylon is used to make weed trimmer line generally Are both PA6 and 66 used Tks?

Weed trimmer line is made from hardened monofilament nylon of varying thicknesses. PA6/66 copolymer nylon is commonly used in weed trimmer line.