How do you replace starter 1990 gmc truck?

Updated: 9/16/2023
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you disconnect your battery. Then you crawl under your truck, and locate the starter. There are two bolts that hold it in place, and two wires, a small one and a larger one. If it's your first time, easier to unscrew the bolts and lower the starter and unbolt the wires and observe how they are positionedand where they go as opposed to trying to feel abovve the starter for them. Also look out for spacers. Not all starters have them, but if yours does, you'll need to put them on the new one (between starter and engine). To install it, tighten wires onto new starter, and lift it into place. Lining it up with the holes in your engine block is tricky and hard on the arms. How I do it is hold it as close as I can and take one of the bolts and "feel" for the grove where it belongs. Once you've located one, tighten a few threads, and then get the other one located. After this you can take a break to relax your arm depending how long it took you to locate the holes and get a few threads into each. Dont forget to make absolutely sure that your wires are on tightly or they will come loose(nuts will fall off the threaded shaft, and you'll be cursing your truck isn't starting). You can use Loctite to secure them. email me if you have further questions on how to do this. By the way double check your cable from the battery to the starter once you are done to make sure it doesnt actually touch your exhaust manifold. I had another Chevy (84 half ton ) where I never thought about it and moved the cable, and ended up that the rubber cvoating melted, shorted to the battery till the battery melted and left me stranded on the side of the road.

email me at if you have more questions or need clarification

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Q: How do you replace starter 1990 gmc truck?
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Weres is the starter located in 2002 gmc truck?

The starter for a 2002 GMC truck is located on the passenger side of the block by the transmission.

Is the solenoid on the starter replaceable in a 1992 gmc truck?

Sure you could replace it or rebuild it, but you're better off buying a new starter and getting the core fee back ;)

Will bucket seats bolt into a 1990 gmc extended cab 4x4 truck?

will bucket seats fit into a 1990 gmc

Where is 2004 GMC Yukon Denali starter?

on top of the starter. you have to disconnect battery then remove starter to replace it

What does it take to convert a 1990 GMC 1500 2 wheel drive truck to a 4 wheel drive truck in a 1990 GMC 1500 4 wheel drive?

You could do it but it would be much cheaper to just buy a good used 1990 GMC 4+4 truck and drive it.

How do you remove starter from 95 gmc jimmy 4x4?

To change the starter on a GMC Jimmy 95 you must look under the truck and locate the starter. There will be a bar in the way of removing the starter. You will have to remove the two screws and manuver the starter around the bar. This will be tricky so take your time. Once you remove the starter replace with the new one and manuver back in place screw in and your done.

How do you replace the starter on your 1999 GMC sierra?

You put it where it belongs

How do you repair the starter drive on a 1991 4x4 5.7L GMC 12 ton truck?

Replace Remove starter Remove solenoid at top of starter Remove front end of starter for access Remove locking washer from starter shaft Drive should slide off shaft

Will front clip of a 1990 gmc truck fit a 1989 Chevy truck?

Yes, it is all the same.

Where is the starter on 2004 gmc truck?

It is on the passenger side, Bottom rear side corner of the engine.

How do you change the flywheel on a 1978 gmc truck?

remove starter remove transmission unbolt flywheel

What is wrong with your 1998 GMC truck if you have a new starter and you are getting fire but will not start?

are you getting fuel?