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By letting it grow out and not ingesting anymore toxins.

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By letting it grow and by not infecting it

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Q: How do you remove toxins from your hair permanently?
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Does a hair relaxer remove toxins from the hair?


Can you permanently remove hair from the vagina?


Can people use hair removal surgery to remove ALL hair?

"The goal of laser hair removal surgery is to permanently reduce the number of body hairs that you have. Laser hair removal surgery will not permanently remove all body hair and in some instances, will not permanently remove any hair."

What products can permanently remove grey (white) hair?

The only way to permanently remove gray hair is by using a laser point to 'kill' the follicle.

Does coffee grounds and baking soda really permanently remove hair?

Coffee grounds and baking soda cannot permanently remove hair. This is just a myth that is told.

Permanent hair removal cream?

No cream will permanently remove hair. For that you need to have laser hair removal, or electrolysis.

Is revitol hair removal cream removing hairs permanently?

No. Usually the only way to permanently remove hair is by laser hair removal, which can be very expensive. So you'll probably just have to settle for hair removal creams that you have to reapply.

Is there any possible to remove hair permanently by naturally?

Laser hair removal... Might take a few times before all hair is removed

How can you make your hair permanently curly?

It is not possible to permanently curl straight hair, or permanently straighten curly hair.

How do you permanently remove unobrow hair?

Just keep waxing it. It'll get better soon hon!

How many sessions of electrolysis are needed to permanently remove facial hair?

Electrolysis is a method of removing individual hairs from the face or body. In addition, no one can say how many sessions of electrolysis are needed to permanently remove facial hair because it is vary from person to person.

What is a hair razor commonly used for?

A hair razor is commonly used for thinning the hair out if one has too thick hair. A hair razor is also commonly used in the hair to remove chemicals and toxins such as drugs from the hair.