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Q: How do you remove the outside lower black plastic molding from your 2005 Jeep Grand Cherokee?
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How do you remove the drivers side shoulder belt molding in a 1996 Ford Windstar to retrieve a diamond ring?

Pull the plastic molding out, should pop out.

How do you change a cabin filter 1998 Lincoln?

Assuming this is a Town Car, remove the wiper arms and plastic cowl molding. Lift the filter out, and put a new one in it's place. Replace the molding and wiper arms.

1992 Jeep Cherokee Limited; how remove and replace failed automatic radio antenna?

I was able to remove the existing power antenna on my '92 Cherokee through the wheel well. You have to remove three of the nuts attaching the plastic to the fender as well as pull out two plastic plugs. Pull back the plastic and you will see the power antenna right there. Good luck, Woody

How do you remove OEM radio on 1993land cruiser?

Remove the ashtray, then remove the screws behind it. Carefully pry the plastic molding off (that surrounds the radio) using only fingertip power. Remove 4 screws holding the radio in.

How do you replace the hood molding on a Mazda Tribute?

If you open the hood, there are 5 small nuts that hold that hood molding in place. simply remove those and you can remove/replace the hood molding.

How do you remove a stereo from a 1994 Corolla?

what do you mean remove??. If you want to do so, then I guess start by taking off the molding around the unit (this should be held in by clips) by using a PLASTIC flat head screwdriver (in order not to break the molding). Then continue on by removing the screws that hold your stereo (is it oem?), remove stereo . If you need more help then comment.

How do you replace the hood molding on a 2003 Mazda Tribute?

If you open the hood, there are 5 small nuts that hold that hood molding in place. simply remove those and you can remove/replace the hood molding.

How do you remove radio in 1998 jeep Cherokee sport?

The molding around your radio pops off, you may need to pry in the cornors. take out the 4 screws that hold in the radio, pull out radio disconnect the antenna, power, than plug back in the new one, replace molding.

How do you change the fog light bulbs on a 1998 Oldsmobile Cutlass?

Also, if you look under your car, you should see your fog light connector and you should be able to replace it without removing the plastic molding. The fog lamps should be located underneath the car. If you remove the plastic molding from the underneath of the car there is a port in which you can remove the light assembly and replace the bulb. Very similar to the way you change them for a 94 grand am.

How to remove the radiator on a 2001 jeep grand Cherokee Laredo with air cond?

First remove the front clip (headlights and grille and plastic covering the bumper.) The rest will be obvious.

How do you install power window motor on 1986 fiero?

Remove the outer skin. It has bolts on the inside of the door by the hinges and door opening side, plastic rivets on the bottom AND, REMOVE THE DOOR MOLDING. The door molding is best removed after removing the inner door shell. The plastic clips that hold the molding will break very easily. From the inside of the door, as you look at the molding connectors, the connectors has a little tab that must be slightly pressed up and then slid out. Also, you'll have to disconnect the locking rod from the door key. You have rivets holding the motor in place, this is why you need to remove the inner and outer shell. Use a chisel to remove the rivets. The rest is in a manual I purchased at a auto store. Plan on at least a half day's work. I've replaced both motors and it was no fun.

How do you remove the evaporator core from a 1995 Jeep Grand Cherokee?

== == I'm in the process of removing the evaporator on a 95 jeep grand Cherokee. You would need to remove the dash, steering, center and glove box. What's left is a black plastic layer called subframe. This sub frame is bolted to the chasis. At the back of the glove box is a plastic moulding. This is where the evap is located. That will be my next step which is to remove the open the black plastic moulding. Someone told me that some aftermarket evaporators will not fit the plastic molding. Got to make sure it fits or get one at the dealership. Since you are there, replace the heater core also. You don't want to repeat this endeavor again. I'm planning to take pictures to help other with the same problem. Good luck!! andrew. email me if you have any questions. 7/29/05