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Q: How do you remove evolution 5 ayc diff?
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What oil for evo 5 rs rear diff?

it takes ayc (Active Yaw Control) oil from Mitsubishi approx €50 a ltr

Ayc light coming up on evo 4?

mine did it to after wheel alignment disconnect battery for 5 mins and reconnect resets AYC

How do you remove the oil pan on a Acura TL 1998?

remove the differential. it has 5 17 mm nuts around the diff. then

How do you get the rea rend gears out of the diff box?

depends on type but generally you remove cover ,remove pin locking bolt 5/16" or 8mm ,remove spider pin then push axel inward ,remove "c" clip from axel then pull axel out this allows you to remove gear ball caps and remove gear ball, then pinon comes out through back

What time diff between ist?

5 hour 30 min

How do you get the difference of 2 numbers written in java Script?

var a = 12; var b = 5; var diff = a - b; // Value is now 7 alert("Difference: " + diff);

What 2 numbers have the LCM of 30 the diff is 5 and the sum is 25?

10 and 15

What is the ISBN of Evolution of the Vertebrates?

The ISBN of Evolution of the Vertebrates is 0-471-38461-5.

How do you remove the C-clips from a 10-bolt Chevrolet Gov-Loc differential?

1. First jack up the car, the axle must have both wheels off the ground to remove the axles. If you can take off the wheels, it will be much easier. 2. remove the diff cover. 3. see the diff, there is a pin about half an inch in diameter that is in the differential. This is the carrier pin, it holds in the side gears. It must be removed to push the axles in enough to remove the c-clips 4. there is a bolt on the side near the end of the carrier pin that must be removed to remove the carrier pin. Take this bolt out. 5. the carrier pin only goes out one way. rotate the diff so u can see the other side. 6. get a punch and hit the carrier pin bolt out aboutan inch maybe a little more, then rotate the diff so you can grab the other side of the pin and pull it out. You may have to use vise grips to get it. 7. push the axles in towards the center of the vehicle. 8. The c-clips are in the diff, behind the spider gears use a magnet or pick and you can pull them out

What are the release dates for Evolution - 2002?

Evolution - 2002 was released on: USA: 5 May 2002

Where are all the items on Dogz 5?

you must find them in diff scenes or win them in mini games.

How can you take out the play in your driveshaft on the rear end side of a 1997 ford ranger super cab 4.0 5 speed?

if the play is in driveshaft, replace u joints. if the play is actually in the diff, remove driveshaft and tighten pinion bearing.