How do you remove boils from your inner rectum?

Updated: 9/19/2023
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You seek medical attention as they might not be boils but hemorrhoids (Piles)

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Q: How do you remove boils from your inner rectum?
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Is there a cure for inner thigh boils?

The problem with Inner thigh boils is the constant rubbing together. Put a layer of Neosporin on it, and then apply cornstarch to the area, this will prevent any further rubbing, and will heal the boils.

What is examined during a colonoscopy?

the rectum and the entire inner lining of the colon (large intestine).

How do you remove a yam that is lodged in your rectum?

by putting a yam dislodger up your bum hole!!

What happens when polyps are malignant?

When polyps are malignant, it may be necessary to remove a portion of the rectum or colon to completely remove cancerous tissue

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Name two lower gastrointestinal system procedures that involve and endoscope?

Colonoscopy - The direct visual examination of the inner surface of the entire colon from the rectum to the cecum.Sigmoidoscopy - The endoscopic examination of the interior of the rectum, sigmoid colon, and possible a portion of the descending colon.

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Insertion of a finger into the male rectum to palpate the rectum and prostate?

Inserting a finger into the rectum to palpate rectum and prostate is a procedure to check the prostate gland for enlargement or prostate cancer. Inserting the finger into the rectum to palpate to prostate is also known as prostate milking or prostate massage. This is done to remove the build up of prostatic fluid in the prostate gland, and also for pleasure as a prostate ejaculation can be more intense than a penile ejaculation.

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