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Being a 'salt water' pool has no influence on a) how you would remove the stains or b) what caused the stains - so treat the stains as you would in any type of pool. Determine what the stains are. Algae? Metal staining? etc. Your Pool Service or local Pool Shop should be able to help determine that and also recommend the appropriate treatment.
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Q: How do you remove black stains from a salt water pool?
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How can you remove stains from wood chips in a salt system pool?

My experience is that the stains will go away by themselves, through the effects of the chlorination of the water. Does not matter if the pool is a salt pool or fresh water pool. If the pool has a plaster finish, brushing the stains with a wire pool brush will speed up the process.

If you have a salt water pool and splashed water has caused stains around your pool decking how can you remove them?

Scrub it down with fresh water and a stiff broom or brush

Is it impossible to remove stains from a fiberglass pool?

I have a fiberglass pool and I am constantly battling with iron stains. It is not impossible to remove the stains. I get brown stains in my pool and I treat them with jacks magic stain solution #1. Check out their website. They show different pictures of different types of stains. The stuff does remove the stains quickly, but it is expensive. Hope this helps.

How do you remove black and gray stains on the floor of a fiberglass pool left by leaves and earth worms that an acid wash did not remove?

I was told to just super chlorinate the water. You may have to repeat with the super chlorination, but over time, stains should fade away.

How do you remove salt stains from slate tiles?

Use a 10% solution of pool acid and wash with water

How to remove yellow stains on pool steps?

Bleach might do it. Also investigate the cause of the stains by observing pool users.

How do you get brown stains off a pool wall?

Brown stains can be removed by doing a shock treatment for the pool and then scrubbing the stain. Enzyme based pool chemicals will also remove brown stains.

How can I remove Brown stains in marbelite pool?

Drain pool and clean with muriatic acid

How do I remove brown stains from the bottom of your pool?

quit pooping in it

How to Clean inflatable swimming pool?

What is the best way to remove algae stains from the pool liner? Empty the pool, use a soft brush, mild detergent and water to remove algae stains from the pool liner. Thoroughly rinse and dry before refilling or storage. More pool ?

How do you get rid of black stains on the bottom of the above ground pool liner Ive tried scrubbing shocking algicide Nothing works?

Since you cannot remove the "stains" with the methods you have tried perhaps the stains are from too much acid or high acid levels. Are there also copper colored stains as well? Do you have a pool heater in the system? If so, then it is copper stains from an acidic pool water. The over acid conditions are stripping the copper from the heater copper tubing. k

Why is there black stains in your in ground pool?

cause you haven't cleaned your pool in a long time

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