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Speed is controlled by the ECU (Computer).

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Q: How do you remove a speed governor on a 1996 GMC Truck?
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How do you remove governor from 1996 Honda accord?

There is no governor to remove. Speed is controlled by the ECU (computer).

How do you go about removing the speed governor?

It's been reported the dealer can remove it, but you can certainly understand their not wanting to. Get friendly with a technician. Bribes help, too. (6-12-24 pack of the man's favorite beverage) How to Removing speed governor 1996 GMC truck

How do you remove the radio from a 1996 Ford F-350 truck?

how do u remove the radio from 1996 f 350 ford truck

How do you remove radiator cap on 1996 Chevy truck?

If your asking this question you shouldn't be working on your truck.

How would a person remove the speed governor on a 1996 Pontiac grand am gt 2.4L 5speed?

There is no 'governor' in the normal sense. Both the engine RPM and Vehicle Speed are limited by the engine computer. There may be some 'Speed Chip' solutions to remove the speed limiter but, the 96 has a 'Flash' program, not a removable/replaceable module. You would either have to send it out for re-programming or a buy a second ECM (Engine Control Module).

Can you remove the catalytic converter from a 1996 Ford truck with a 351?

They are required for smog.

Whats the top speed of a 1996 Chevy Caprice?

stock the car has a governor that kicks on at 108 mph. Top speed =108

How do change headlight bulb on 1996 Chevrolet truck?

Remove battery, remove horn, remove wire, twist bulb counter-clockwise to remove.

On a 1996 Chevy silverado will it lower the truck 2 inches if you remove the load spring?

NO it will not.

Where is the speed sensor located on a 1996 ford F-250?

Should be on top of the rear axle of your truck.

What is the maximum speed on a 1995 Chevy C1500 5.7L pickup truck?

My 1996 is governed at 100 on the dot.

How do you cut off governor on a 1996 kenworth t-800?

You'd have to reprogramme the engine controls. Disable the computer, and you disable the entire truck.