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Use glycerine borax for local application. Use of saline [table salt] gargles. Use of Neem or any other ayurvedic tooth paste. Rub your gums.

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Q: How do you reduce swelling in mouth?
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What can prevent swelling of the mouth after you bite it?

Biting the inside of the mouth can be painful. Try an ice cube to help reduce pain .

What happens if you swallow a wasp?

If you swallowed a wasp it would obviously sting your mouth or your throat then you suck on a ice cube to reduce the swelling.

Will a topical antihistamine reduce swelling?

Assuming the swelling is due to an allergic reaction, antihistamines will help reduce the pain, swelling and itching associated with the release of histamine in the body following exposure to these agents. They will not help swelling from trauma.

What is the aftercare for adenoidectomy?

given medication to reduce swelling and pain. When the patient has recovered from surgery, he or she is sent home and usually given a week's course of antibiotics to be taken by mouth

Does topical diclofenac reduce swelling?


Can you use methyprednisolone for back pain?

Yes. This drug can be used to reduce the swelling of inflammatory origin in the spinal cord. It may reduce the swelling of ligamentum flavum.

How many days should you take ibuprofen to reduce swelling in an ankle injury?

Ibuprofen is for pain or fever. It will not reduce the swelling much from an injury, as that is not an inflammatory process.

How do you reduce tongue swelling?

All you need to do is get an ice cube and break it into a few pieces so that you can easily fit it into your mouth and cheek area. Eating some celery sticks is also a great natural way to relieve swelling and the pain in your tongue, and it is healthy too.

Does marijuana help reduce swelling?

it can depending on what caused the swelling, if it is swelling because of a bacteria infection and the bacteria are Gram-positive (meaning they have a peptidoglycan cell wall) then yes it can reduce swelling. This is because marijuana is an anti bacterial only against Gram-positvie though.

What would ice do in first aid?

reduce the swelling

What can you do at home to help the swelling in the mouth?

put salt on it

What is the purpose of Lymphedema pumps?

The purpose of a Lymphedema pump is to reduce pressure and swelling. The pumps aim to reduce pain and swelling, and can be purchased through many medical stores.