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Q: How do you reduce bacteria on a safe level?
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What will reduce bacteria to a safe level?

Water at 82 degrees celsius

What reduces bacteria to a safe level?

Water at 82 degrees celsius

What mean reduce level?

reduce level mean to increase the level aka make more.

How can I know if my triglyceride level is normal?

The most safe, reliable and recommended is to go to the doctor and to do a blood test. Moreover, there are some foods that can help you to reduce or maintain the level into the normal range.

How do you reduce a Pokémon's level in Pokémon sapphire?

You can't reduce a pokémon's level.

Do bases kill bacteria?

it increases the level of pH and damages bacteria

What causes your car radiator water level to reduce?

There are several causes that will reduce the water level in your car radiator. The most common cause is evaporation. Engine overheating will also reduce the radiator water level.

How can partnerships reduce the level of conflict among partners?

It can reduce the level of conflict among partners by helping people work together.

Do mop heads harbor bacteria in them?

Yes, mop heads do harbor bacteria on them. The best way to reduce the bacteria is by cleaning the mop head in fresh water and bleach.

Why do you need to reduce amount of light with the diaphragm to see bacteria in hanging drop slide?

to clearly see the bacteria and higher contrast.

Do sea walls reduce the force of waves?

Yes they do reduce the force of the waves. That's what makes it safe.

Is excrement safe to eat?

No, it is waste and full of harmful bacteria.