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Q: How do you put your house for section 8 in MI?
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If you live in Indiana how do you put your house on Section 8?

You would apply to HUD to put your house on Section 8. Do this either online or call the local office to find out how to do this.

Can a section 8 landlord rent rooms to a section 8 tenant and a non section 8 tenant in the same house?

Section 8 usually does not allow renting out of rooms within the same house.

You are a section 8 renter but you try to move to other house but that house is not a section 8 house. what can you do to keep section 8 program. and move into that house?

If the owner of the new house is not willing to accept a voucher then you cannot move in-- plain and simple

Where can I find a house for rent that is section 8?

GoSection8 is the best place to go to find a section 8 house rental. There are other places to find house rentals but not all will be section 8 rentals.

Does your house have to be paid for before you can put it under section 8?

Good question: a landlord has the right to use the same tenant selection criteria as he would for anyone who is not on section 8. Consequently, the landlord may charge a security deposit if he accepts you. In the case of public housing, they may also charge a deposit but quite often times that doesn't happen.

I have a section 8 voucher. It's for a 3 bedroom single dwelling house. It's located in Napa, CA. Are you aloud to have an inground swimming pool?

No you can not put one in a section 8 home.

You are on section 8 Can you rent your sons house?

First, he would need to get his house listed as a Section 8. From what I understand, it is not a difficult thing to do.

Is 30% of your income and section 8 the same in MI?

No, qualification for section 8 is different, and uses a different income threshold plus an asset test.

How do I go about listing my house for rent as a section 8 house?

You can find listing for rent as a section 8 house at › Housing Programs. Another good site is

i am on the list for public housing and section 8 i emergency assistance. my 2 year old son has lead poisoning and we have 40 days to move i know someone who will put aa house on section eight will that help me?

I have a house in Newport Richie, 34654 I do not have it listed as section 8. three bed room two bath.

Who is responsible if the tenant broke his lease but has section 8?

if you make your property a section 8 property who is responsible for problems that occur on the house

need a rental house for less than $500/mo.?

Unless you qualify for Section 8 housing, you will not find a house for rent in you $500 or under price range. To find out if you qualify for Section 8 housing, and learn more about Section 8 housing, visit