How do you put games on your site?

Updated: 9/16/2023
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To put game on your web site find the games HTML code and copy and paste here is an example

<center><embed allowScriptAccess="never"SRC="http:/" bgColor=..3d3d3d WIDTH=800 HEIGHT=600 swRemote="swSaveEnabled='true' swVolume='true' swRestart='true' swPausePlay='true' swFastForward='true' swC..'false' " swStretchStyle=fill TYPE="application/x-director" PLUGINSPAGE="http:/ /></embed><br /><center>

<a href="http:/">Add Games To

Your MySpace</a> | <a href="http:/">

Free internet Games</a></center><br /></center>

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Q: How do you put games on your site?
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How do you put games on your own piczo website?

i am relly wanting to know because i have a ton of games i made that i want to put on my site

Good sites the vironicas games?

a complete site for games put your games query here and search

How do you make a site like miniclip?

I think that is a good website to make a free website. To get the games, on some games you can get links to put them on your own website, put them on your site and you could even make extra pages e.g action games, kids games and stuff like that.

How do you put games on my piczo site?

you go to tools hit add games than hit the little + in the bottom left corner

What are sites to get games for your site?

if you look at the games: papas pizzeria, freezeria taco Mia, and bugeria, theres a tab that says: put on your sit! these games are on flashspot(i think) and armor games

What games can be played at the site 'Boxerjam Games'?

The games that can be played at the site "Boxerjam Games" are puzzle and word games. The site has family friendly games with trivia and cash prizes available to be won.

Is wwwcremationproductions a game website?

The site is not a games site, but is a blog about games.

How do you put games onto a weebly site?

Bend over, lick your nut sack, then stick 25 enemies with semtexs

What is candystand?

Candystand was originally a site that sold sweets online. then they had an idea, they put games on there site based on there different sweets to attract buyers, and there game collection started growing and then they decided to concectrate on the games and the sweets kind of on the side, and now they have a huge collection of free games enjoy :)

IS Games-pbb Is Best Online Free Pc Games Site?

Yes Games-pbb Dot com Is Best Site I Have Visited The Site

What Cool game sites can you play at school?

I made a site called WITH AWESOME GAMES and They work at school. ITS THHE BEST SITE EVA &amp; With Awesome games, and a suggestion box that i can put any game you want. :) It's equally as good, if not better then the above site :)

How do you put games on a samsung yp t10?

You need the latest firmware. go to this site to download it select the t10 and download the firmware.