How do you put a code into an Action Replay?

Updated: 9/11/2023
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1)You could go to and they will give you a code for the game you pick. 2)Then turn on gba or gbasp with game in the action replay which is in the gba. 3)Pick the add/edit code option in management and select the game you want. 4)Then the screen will show two rows of numbers and letters,which is the code, on the left side. And on the right side will be a keyboard and it will have this: 012345 6789AB CDEFM clear del. ins. done

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Q: How do you put a code into an Action Replay?
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How do you put a game in an action replay?

You put in action replay then put your game in then enter a code.

What do you do if you put in 1 wrong code in a action replay?

Use your action replay code manager to delete it

How do you put action replay codes on your DS?

you type it in manually or use action replay code manager

Where to put arceus code?

You need an action replay.

Will an action replay break if you put in a wrong code?


What is an action replay code?

an action replay code is a code that you use with an action replay to make the game think weird and lets you do near/is impossible things. For some versions of the action replays, you cant put new codes in.

Where do you enter a action replay code?

You put the action replay disk in the said console, start it up, take it out, take the action replay disk out, put the game in and type in the code. Or it might of been the other way around

What is an action replay on Pokemon Diamond?

Action Replay is a device for hacking games. You put in a code and it changes the game.

How do you make your action replay code work for Pokemon heartgold?

you put your game in the action replay then put it in your ds, dsi, or dsi XL

The action replay wont work on Pokemon soul silver?

Unless you've rested you action replay or put in the code id and game code

Will your Pokemon faint if you have an Action Replay?

Only if you put in a code for that.

How do you type in the action replay code without an action replay?

srry, but action replay has special software to put codes in your ds, either buy a action replay, or give up trying to hack :(