How do you prevent gonorrhea?

Updated: 9/27/2023
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The best way is to abstain from sex or practice safe sex. Using a condom correctly and consistently dramatically reduces the risk. The risk can be lowered by using condoms (male or female) every time you have oral, vaginal or anal sex. Don't share sex toys or if you do wash them before use. Don't have sexual relations with anyone infected with the bacteria; since you can't tell who's infected, you both need to get tested before you have sex.

Remember this: a girl who says she doesn't mind if you don't wear a condom, says the SAME THING to every guy she sleeps with. Read: girls who don't use condoms are the last girls you shouldn't be using condoms with.
Use a latex condom to lower your chance of getting gonorrhea.
Make sure you always use protection when having sex
Protected intercourse (prophylactic) or abstinence
Dont Have Sex With Someone Who Has It,Get Yourself Tested,Have Your Partner Tested,Use A Condom.
Use a condom - and get tested regularly !

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Q: How do you prevent gonorrhea?
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What medicated eye drops are put into baby eyes within an hour after birth?

Before antibiotics silver nitrate was put into newborn babies eyes to prevent gonorrhea contraction from the mother.

Is gonnoreha coorleated to HIV?

Gonorrhea and HIV have the same risk factors. Patients with HIV should be tested annually for gonorrhea. All patients with gonorrhea should be tested for HIV.

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Of course. Gonorrhea can be contracted through virtually any genital contact regardless of the sex of the parties involved.

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Gonorrhea may occasionally cause a rash if it is not treated promptly. This symptom is not the most common presentation of gonorrhea.

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No, sex during menstruation does not cause gonorrhea. Gonorrhea is an STD, it would be transmitted via sex.