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Soaking in a bath of Tomato Juice does the trick.

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Q: How do you prevent body odor when taking medicine?
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How do you eliminate body odor?

Taking a shower.

What someone should take to prevent body odor?


How is body odor treated by alternative medicine?

The following remedies are mostly for the topical relief of body odor. For more thorough treatment, the underlying conditions should also be addressed.

What is the medicine for sweat and body odor that you can buy in drug store?

"Driclor". It has worked really well for me!

How do you spell deoradent?

The correct spelling is deodorant (cosmetic to prevent body odor and/or sweat).

How do you control body odor?

There are a number of ways to prevent body odor. These ways are like: 1)Shower once or twice a day, especially after practice. 2)Use deodorant daily to prevent sweat after odor 3)Take a lot of water for effective respiration. 4)Do not repeat clothes and wash clothes after you have already worn them.

What is the cause of body odor?

The genetic disorder Trimethylaminuria causes bad body odor.

What behaviors can affect body odor?

Activities that make you sweat can affect your body odor.

How do the geeky bacteria create body odor and how can it be prevented?

the odor of your body is occured by sweat.

Is there any medicine for the bad odor of urine?

take a garlic pill... it's a natural medicine

How do you get rid of body odor without taking a shower?

Scrub down with baby wipes, as they are meant to remove urine odor . But bathe as soon as you can, as germs will continue to grow. This is a temporary emergency solution only.

What is the cause of bad body odor?

The genetic disorder Trimethylaminuria causes bad body odor.