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Using your Periodic Table, look up the Atomic Mass of each element. Add up potassium, nitrogen and 3 x oxygen. This is the grams per mole of potassium nitrate. I am sure you learned the rest. You will be multiplying this molar value by 0.03 Use the balance to weigh out this amount.

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1. Weigh 2,528 g ultrapure dry KNO3.
2. Transfer KNO3 in a clean 100 mL volumetric flask using a funnel. 3. Wash the funnel with 80 mL demineralized water.
4. Put the flask in a thermostat and maintain 30 min at 20 0C.
5. Add demineralized water up to the mark.
6. Stir vigorously and transfer in a clean bottle with stopper.
7. Add a label with necessary information.

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Q: How do you prepare 0.03 M of KNO3?
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