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fist you go to the castaway one lying on the beach) she will tell you something about Kamaria. go to her. she is in a castle on the Terrence through the door on the left. she will tell you that she found a herb that can help. she will tell you a riddle. then go to the telescope. its on the volcano where there is a flashing light in the left click on it. when you get there click on a green plant. then go to the castaway she will say much better but I'm tired. talk to her the next day she will say that she now remembers somthing she says she rembers being at the library then somthing banged on her head it was a big panda head then she tells you to go look in the library mabey there are some clues there so you go when you are there click on the big panda head it will tell you a riddle:Were The Water Falls I Am At Home Go Behind Look And Rome. Its at the jungle then you click on the water fall there are holes in the mud it tells you to go find them. Im so sorry that's all i can remember.From Bunnsie or Aayah8[im nine]

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Q: How do you play amalura's love story?
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Go to the kiosk beside the pool to the sugar and lotion, and you can find snow on the volcano. Good luck on the quest!

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well, first you need to go to ''quests'' on the right corner and click on a little book if you are all ready playing a quest you can't start another one. Find ''Amalura's love story'' and click on it, then go to kamaria in the castle and she will tell you about Joshua. I can't say ALL of it! GOOD LUCK!!!!!!! :)

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there is a quest where u need to bring to ghost together in panfu so u should try it its called amaluras love quest.

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