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Q: How do you open passenger doors when Central locking fails?
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Where is the gas cap release latch on a 1991 BMW 325I?

The fuel door release is electric and is the same device as that used for the vehicle door locks. When you unlock the doors the fuel door unlocks as well. The locking mechanism is mounted above the battery on the passenger side of the trunk behind the carpeting above the battery's plastic cover. If for some reason the latch fails you can open it by hand.

What can the president do if a state fails to comply with the directives of the central government?

what can the president do if a sate fails to comply with the directives of the central goverment

How do you open a VW Golf if the central locking fails and the key wont open car manually?

take a wire put it true the window and lift the door button,after open go make spare key

How do you open fuel flap on Renault Laguna x reg?

The flap locks and unlocks with the central locking so it should unlock either with the plip key or the button next to the handbrake. It if fails to unlock then the solenoid is faulty but you can release it by removing the drivers' side light cover in the boot and pulling on the cable.

Why won't a 1993 Chrysler Concorde stay running after starting?

It's possible your silent alarm has been triggered, causing the vehicle to run for a few seconds then die off...try locking then unlocking the doors, if all else fails disconnect the ground on the battery for 15-30 min, that may allow the computer to reset itself.

How do you fix the auto sliding passenger doors on a 2002 Chrysler Town and Country that stopped working if the fuse is OK?

There are a couple of common failures. The wiring harness at the bottom of the track breaks, and the latch fails. A scan tool is required to communicate with the sliding door computer to check for trouble codes.

What are the disadvantages of tree network?

The disadvantages of a tree network are that it requires alot of cable to network and that if the central hub fails then the entire network fails. Also, it is not a prudent expense for a small network.

What type of gear oil do you use in a locking rear differential?

There is usually a tag on the axel with the info you need. If all else fails call your local GM dealer or 4x4 shop.

How do you open a VW polo fuel cap when the locking system of the car fails and the cap remains locked?

there is a way by opening the cap manually from inside the port bagage there is a refer in the owners manual

Honda CR-V 1998 Why if Fan on no heat?

Due to the age of the vehicle my best guess is that the chances are that the cooling system thermostat has failed. When it fails it always fails in the open position so that the coolant never heats up warm enough to warm the passenger compartment.

Why is magnet used on wardrobe and fridge doors?

they can close easily and they shut off the electricity when a fire alarm goes off magnets don't work any more and the they can be turned on and off.

How do you reset the remote central locking on a vectra that wont reprogram?

As you may know the key can normally be re-programmed to the central locking by turning on the ignition and pressing either of the buttons. If this fails there are two common faults 1/ the battery holder inside the key has come off of the printed circuit board (if you pack the key with tissuse paper to hold the battery tight this gets over that problem. 2/ the key has lost its connection to the computer and will need to go to a vauxhall dealer to have it programmed, they use a machine called tech 2 and to programme that or any key they will need the immobilizer (security) code number. this was originally supplied with the car at time of purchase. If you have lost it a Vauxhall Dealer can get a new code but this is not cheap.