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Serenade them with a beautiful voice. Also if you have a piano then you can play to them a nice song.

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Q: How do you nicely wake a person up?
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Does a person wake up from smells?

A person can wake up from smells. For example, a person with a sensitive nose might wake up in the morning from the great smell of coffee.

Person who can sleep but cannot wake up?

Person who can sleep but cannot wake up is died. Could be they are in a coma.

How do you wake up screaming?

A nightmare could cause a person to wake up screaming.

Can a person just wake up?

Yes they can.

How do you wake a person up when he or she is sleeping and dreaming?

When a person is dreaming, they can be woken up in the same way as at any other time. Dreaming does not effect the ability to wake up.

If you want to wake up a person that can not hear what can you do?

you put a alarm clock under the pillow and it will bump up and down to wake them up.

How Can A Person Wake Up In The Morning?

Very carefully

What time does the average person wake up?

The average person wakes up around 6-7am. However, wake-up times can vary significantly depending on individual schedules and preferences.

Can a person wake up dead?

Not unless they have become a zombie.

Can a person die and wake up after two years?

Sadly, no. Once you have died, you never wake again in this life.

What is waking up in Lain?

Euigilans is the waking up in Latin. It is said to a person to wake them up.

What is the first thing you do when you wake up?

stretch, pull your covers off, wake up the person next to you cuz your jealous that there still asleep, etc