How do you moonwalk on wooz world?

Updated: 9/19/2023
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But /moonwalk and walk

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Q: How do you moonwalk on wooz world?
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What is the wooz world cheat for getting the moonwalk?

the cheat is used to do moon walk it is /moonwalk

What kind of wooz world cheats are there?

moonwalk and fireball

Is there cheats in wooz worlds?

yes there is but it is a secret No there are no "cheats" in woozworld that guy above me was lying. This person above isnt telling the truth the truth is..... there are cheats for wooz world there is the fire ball cheat the moonwalk cheat and many more

How do you get free wooz on wooz world?

say motherload of wooz

How to get wooz on wooz world?

working for it

Where is mya wooz on wooz world?

te night with Mya Wooz

How do you get free wooz in wooz world?

do the misions

How do you get a wooz money in wooz world with cheat?

how you do it

What was wooz world called before wooz world?

kids studio.

Where is mya wooz tv in wooz world?

I think at "Late night with Mya Wooz."

How do you get 999999 wooz on wooz world?

you need to copy your answer to ten difrent units then you get 999999 wooz

How do you get unlimited wooz on wooz world?

send referrals to friends