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Q: How do you make yourself lose your voice?
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How can you lose your voice and will you lose it forever?

scream very loud and shrilly (high-pitch) and do it for a long time. Yes, you can lose your voice permanently if you continue doing this. Another way to lose your voice is to not talk too anyone for years. Also don't talk to yourself. Not anybody. Not even in your mind. no where. This can make it hard to remember your words.

Slogans on noise pollution?

the more you make noise the more you lose your voice

Is there a drug that can make you lose your voice?

Battery acid should do the trick

What happens when you almost lose your voice but you still smoke?

You Lose Your Voice

How long can you lose your voice?

You can't lose your voice unless it damages.

How can you make yourself jump higher?

Lose some weight :)

How can you lose your voice for a prank?

The only way possibly to lose your voice is by either yelling loudly, or going through your period where your voice intends to change its pitch. It is in this time that you are likely to lose your voice for a short period of time. but to lose your voice for a prank is not possible.

Does beer make you lose control of yourself?

Yes, beer contains alcohol and alcohol in small quantities makes you lose your inhibitions and in large quantities make you drunk. When you are drunk you are not in control of yourself.

Can phlegm make you lose your voice?

It can stick to the vocal chords and change the pitch at which they vibrate.

What are the Slogans related to stop noise pollution?

the more you make NOISE the faster you lose your VOICE

Can head trama make you lose your voice?

Certainly - if the trauma affected the speech centre of the braiin.

Loss of voice for 2 weeks?

The medical condition where you lose your voice is called laryngitis. This is an inflammation of the voice box and often mimics the common cold until you lose your voice.