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Q: How do you make your mouth feel better with braces?
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How do you make mouth grills?

get braces

How much do mouth braces cost?

Mouth braces are expensive. The cost depends on different factors, such as a person's insurance coverage. Depending on coverage, mouth braces can be more affordable. Without a beneficial coverage, the assistance will make the cost of braces more difficult. Braces can cost between one thousand to five thousand dollars.

Can you make a mii with braces?

There is no real way to make braces, but to make it look like a mii has braces then do this: Use the mouth that looks like a smile with nothing but teeth showing, then get the sunglasses with the lens that point up. minimize it to whatever size fits you, then lower it into the middle of the mouth. Hope this helps!

What will make a person spit on others when speaking?

An extremely moist mouth or braces.

Why do your braces feel weird when you drink cold water?

Because the wire is made of metal, and when metal is warm it stretches out, but when its rapidly changed to a cold temperature, (from the cold water), the metal contracts and gets tighter, causing your braces to pull on your teeth a little bit.

Are braces sore and do they make you bleed?

The braces itself aren't sore, except the first day you get them. Braces aren't "sore" but if you play sports and get by n the mouth it doesn't feel good, if you get hit hard enough, it could make your lip bleed. Tighting doesn't hurt that much, it just feels like pressure on your teeth. So to conclude, I would say braces aren't so bad as everyone explains that they are..... they don't exactly feel wonderful either, you may bleed and yes braces may hurt off and on. Hoped this helped a little bit!!

When you get braces does all the equipment in your mouth make you gag?

Yes pretty much i have braces right now i can tell you it rips your mouth up and hurts really bad from the movement and when they are tightened although they only hurt for the fist few days so i Back to the point: Yes just about all the equipment in your mouth when u get braces make u gag (it goes away though) =)

What ingredients in chewing gum make the mouth feel hot or make the mouth feel cold?

i dont know hahaha

Is it normal to get canines pulled?

Not sure. But I got mine pulled when I was about twelve to make room in my mouth for braces

Why do teeth move when you have braces?

Orthodontists will want certain teeth extracted (usually premolars) to make more room in your mouth so they can align your teeth properly. Your mouth and jaw may be too small for all your teeth.

What if your braces make what if your mouth sore?

it doesn`t hurt but you will have discomfort later on so take tylenol and eat soft foods you will also have to be prepared to have braces on for a while I need mine on for 18 months so you will become used to the feeling but you will need to change some of the stuff you eat and be careful and check what you eat food can get caught in your braces

How do you make braces pain go away?

Though a pill like Advil or Tylenol can help (I am an exception, lol), I find that putting an icepack to my mouth helps a bit (I just got braces).