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Look on Google, you can also see some rely cool things!

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Q: How do you make something lucky?
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What is fotunate?

Fortunate means something like lucky. As in: He was fortunate (lucky) not to be injured when the car knocked him off his bike.

Did babe Ruth hit an infield home run?

Proble to make a home run or something like that.

What do you call call a person who always finds something?


How do you make good and lucky signature?

make it look cool!

What is it when you feel like something is going to happen and it does?

premonition. or a lucky guess.

What is a lucky charm?

A lucky charm is something you carry with you for good luck. It could be an actual item, such as a coin or a rabbit's foot, or it could be something more abstract, such as a number or even the presence of a special person.

How do you make a seahorse?

i think its putting a fish and a horse together

How lucky are you to win a thousand dollars?

Considering there are so many game shows, sweepstakes, and other giveaways it is pretty average to win something like that in your life. You would be lucky to win but not too lucky.

What things are lucky?

lucky things are things that happen to you and will always work.And will make you feel good.

Is lucky 7 going to make it big time?


Why does the guy you like always look at you and say something to make you talk and look at you when he fights with a girl and look when you hug someone and always look when you smile and copy you?

You are a lucky girl, he likes you

In ghost master how do you free the cat lucky?

The people have to win the game to make "the beeping table not so warm or comfortable". Have lucky do luckstorm if no one is currently playing the game or if someone is already playing have Lucky do charm on them to make them win.