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Q: How do you make people better if they have a cold fever and throat infection medicine at home?
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How can people get a swep t throat?

Strep throat is an infection. People get it from germs.

What is MOX 500 tablet used for?

mox500 is an antibiotic medicine and is used for throat infection

What modern medicine should I use for a sore throat?

if its just a sore throat, and there is no sign of infection, just gargle with warm salt water twice a day, its an old remedy.

What disease do i have if i havePainful swalloing?

You have a sore throat. It can be caused by a viral infection, and it can be a strep infection (strep throat). Gargling with warm salt water for 30 seconds at least 4 times a day can help it get better sooner.

Can you feel lethargic with strep throat?

Yes, strep throat can cause people to feel tired and lethargic especially if it is a chronic infection.

Will runny nose lead to a throat infection?

One of the throat infection symptoms is runny nose along with throat pain. However, it is not always necessary that you will get a throat infection if you have a runny nose but you are more susceptible to it as your immunity is low.

Is strep throat food?

No. 'Strep throat' means a streptococcal infection of the throat.

What are the various kinds of throat infection?

=== === * sore throat * tonsillitis * strep throat

How do you catch viral throat infections?

Viral throat infection is airborne.

What do you do to help your sore throat?

Go get some throat soothing medicine!

How do you stop hurting throat?

You could try cough medicine or throat spray, which makes your throat kind of numb and is a medicine. But get mucanes it relly helps

What do you call the infection of the throat?