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Q: How do you make face skin helthy?
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How to make somthing to put on your face to make soft?

There are lots of different home made face masks that can help to soften the face. Avocado is great for the skin, as are milk and honey. As long as the skin is cleaned after, there are a lot of great things for softer skin.

What type of skin care would make your skin clearer?

Types of skin care you can do to make your skin clearer include daily face-washing routines and face masks. Other types include using fresh make up and drinking a lot of water.

Is make up remover bad for your skin?

it is not bad for your skin aslong as you you wash your face after

How do you make my face look pretty?

you can wash your face twice a day and you will have beautiful clear skin

Is there away to make dark brown skin brighter like a caramel color with out surgery?

I want to make my skin face brighter

Can chcocolate be helthy?




What happens when you put white vinegar on your face?

If you have sensitive skin it may make your face burn and get red. I would no consider doing it if your skin is very sensitive.

What Is A Cosmetic Face Lift For?

"A cosmetic face lift is for people who want to look younger. When people get older their skin begins to wrinkle and sag, this is because the elasticity is leaving the skin. a cosmetic face lift will tighten the skin on the face, chin and neck to make them look younger."

What fruits would improve your face skin?

Carrots, when eaten to much, can make your skin a light orange, or tan.

Does Clinique Great Skin Great DEal -Step Skin Care System for combination oily skin make your face dry out and flake?

No, as long as you follow the instructions and moisturize it will not make your skin dry.

What are the uses of applying olive oil on face?

It is said to make your skin softer and and puts lots of mineral on your face.