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go to create a superstar its pretty obvious, but since many dont go online in the game if you need or anybody else needs some one to play with just add me Gamertag: lilmance

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Q: How do you make caws in tna impact the game?
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The characters in tna wrestling video game?

go to gamestop ign caws gamingring youtube and tna the video game site

Will they ever make a TNA Knocko game for PS3?

There is a TNA Impact for the PS3

Which tna impact game is better the ds or the psp version?

It depends I mean like depending on the moves and caws the psp is better, but the ds has better match types.

Is mickie james in tna impact game?

no. She was in tna years ago but when the tna game came out she was with the wwe.

Will tna impact have a video game in 2012?

There are rumors going around that TNA is looking to make another video game but no one knows for sure.

Is there going to be a TNA Impact 2?

If you mean tna impact 2 game then yes but there isn't going to be another tna impact 2 programme.

Will there be another tna game?

Yes, coming soon is 'TNA impact 2'

When does tna impact 2 come out?

tna impact cross the line the 2nd game came out on the 21st of June 2010.

Is TNA on Smackdown vs Raw 2009?

No they have their own game called TNA IMPACT

How do you caw in tna impact game on ps2?

You cant CAW in the TNA game for PS2. Just for the PS3 and XBOX360.

Tna impact the game what are the controls?

Read the game manual that comes with the game!

How do you grapple in TNA impact the game?