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The second thing you should do is tell them that they matter more than anything in the world. The first thing you should do is truly mean it.


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Q: How do you make an upset person happy?
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What does mean you can't please everyone?

by pleasing one person you can upset another.

When someone says they cant make you happy?

if you are happy around him, and he makes you happy then you can just tell him that everything that he does makes you happy, then he will realize that, but if he doesnt believe you, dont be moody or upset about anything around him, i mean sure you can tell him about stuff that makes you upset, but dont be upset all the time. just be happy (:

How do you make a person happy?

By making him happy

Can a happy person make others happy?


Does music affect a dog's behavior?

yes it does it can make them mad or upset or really happy or tired!! :)

Does it make you happy when other are happy?

If you're a good person.

How do you make your mother happy?

If your mother is upset, cheer her up with small gifts like flowers and chocolate.

How do you make Sophie happy in my sims?

When my Sophie is upset, I give her a big bag of crisps, that makes her smile :)

What is the opposite word of upset?


How do you happy a person?

To make a person happy, talk cheerful to them. Roam around and talk of joking stuff.

How do I behave with a boss that is upset with you?

If your boss is upset with you, is probably best to stay out of his way. You could also try and do things that will make him happy such as working harder and longer than required.

Do you need to go out with people you don't like just to make someone happy but your time is always miserable?

No, you don't. You wanna make that person happy but your not. There are other things that can make the person happy, don't make your life miserable cause of someone. Try other things to make the person happy. If you care for the person as much as they care for you, they should be understanding and caring of your feelings.