How do you make a prank story?

Updated: 9/26/2023
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Q: How do you make a prank story?
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When is prank day?

There is no prank day, unless you make one.

Why did they make prank stars?

Prank Stars is a show to amuse. They made it to entertain people.

How do you make a computer prank?

What kind of prank do you want? A crash prank (like a Blue Screen of Death prank)? A virus prank? Just search on Google when you think of a prank you would like to play on. Sorry, didn't helped much, but, the most I can say, good luck and enjoy.

What is a website you can use to prank call your friends with your own prank?

oovoo.You can make a name like freddy kruger and if you pay you can yes prank call your friends.

How can a 7 yer old put a prank on 8 year old and a good prank?

make one

What can you do on a sleep over?

u can ... prank call pillow fight play on the wii or ps3 troth or dear watch some moves with ur friends do blind folded make over's tell scary story's have a fashon show play a prank on some 1

Is it legal to make prank viruses with your computer?

No, it is not.

How do you make a prank star video?

I want to be pranked on the Disney Channel Prank Stars, how do my parents send in a video to Mitchell Musso?

How can you prank a guy who dances in class?

Make up a dance that get him to do it

What is a pranking joke?

It is like a prank and a joke part of part. You prank someone and make a joke out of it. I know, sounds kinda bad but, cool!! :D

What is a prank how do you prank?

how to prank step one go to prank patrols web address on prankpatrolrodetrip.comand you are done!

How do you make a great prank call?

Give people your phone number.