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In abnormal hair loss, Alopecia describes loss of hair from areas where hair normally grows. In severe cases, it can lead to total body hair loss over the whole body. Male pattern baldness or receding hair is normal and often runs in some of the males of a family.

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You lose head and body hairs naturally through:

  1. death of the hair shaft and shedding (not the root)
  2. friction and breakage of the hair shaft (but not the root), for example, from wearing clothing and hats, or from drying off skin
  3. the hair and root bulb being forcibly pulled out, such as during brushing, especially brushing hair when wet
  4. other natural shedding
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Q: How do you lose body hair naturally?
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Can you loose your curls?

If your hair is naturally curly then no, you cannot lose your curls.

Do men lose body hair if workout with weights?

No, but many bodybuilders shave body hair.

Why do lovebird lose their feathers?

Birds naturally moult (lose) their feathers as new ones are coming in. They also will moult to regulate their body temperatures as well as seasonally.

Is lanolin found naturally in the human body?

Lanolin is secreted by glands in the skin of animals that have wool, like sheep. People have body hair, and not wool, so lanolin will not be found naturally in the human body.

How do you make your hair naturally curly?

Well... If you were not born with naturally curly hair, You will never have naturally curly hair.

Can you have naturally white hair?

Yes, there are people that are considered Albino where all hair on the body is white, however these people are very rare.

Is Andy sixxs hair naturally straight or curly?

his hair is naturally (slightly) curly, he had black hair also (naturally)

Why is my hair naturally messy?

Your hair is naturally messy due to genetics and hair type.

What does the word 'hirsutism' mean?

Hirsutism is the abnormal growth of hair located on the face and body. It is usually women who experience this. Men naturally have hair on their face and body where as women don't.

What is alapeshia?

I think you mean "alopecia". It means when you lose hair from your head or body.

How do i get blonde hair naturally?

If you were not born with blonde hair then you can't get it naturally.

How can you make natural hair curly?

You cant get your hair naturally curly if you don't have naturally curly hair. However; if you do have naturally curly hair you can define your curls with a leave in conditioner.