How do you know your safe days?

Updated: 9/14/2023
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i know my safe days becaus i bring kutsilyo....

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Q: How do you know your safe days?
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What are safe days in the menstrual period?

The menstrual period is the time in which you are menstruating, I think that you mean your menstrual cycle. Safe days are days you can have sex without getting pregnant, you can only know these days if you were using fertility awareness method as a form of birth control.

How long did slaves stay at safe houses?

Days, Weeks, Years, Months? i don't know, sorry x

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Don't know exactly what you're wanting to know, but I'd give it 3 days to get out - just to be safe!

Is 10 days after menstruation safe?

When you count ten days from the day your menstruation started is safe. Linda Adams

Can you get pregnant after your safe days?

What do you mean by safe days? During your period or before you ovulate? Explain please :)

How many days are safe after periods?

Three days

Which day in the menstrual cycle are considered not safe?

If by 'not safe' you mean the days that a woman could get pregnant, that would be ovulation and up to a week beforehand when fertile cervical mucus is produced. Typically this would be days 7-16 however unless using fertility awareness method as birth control you can't know when the 'unsafe' days or 'safe' days are - thus unless you want to get pregnant always use contraception.

What are the safe periods in the menstrual cycle?

During a typical 28 day cycle a woman will be fertile around days 7-16, and all other days would be considered safe days. However unless you use fertility awareness method you can't know for sure when you are fertile or not as cycles change.

How many days do you have to be to get to safe haven on howrse?

10 days

Is it safe to have intercourse 7 days before and after your period?

Yes it is safe

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It is absolutely safe to travel to Kiev Ukraine these days, as all the hotels are open.

The first day of your menstruation is on June 16What date is your safe days?

Your safe days are those when you carry a condom in your purse.