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Q: How do you know when your body has stopped growing?
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How do you figure out body mass index for children?

you can because they have not stopped growing :)

What effect did all the military battles have on farming?

i do not know. it stopped the framer from growing crops.

How old was Albert Einstein when his brain stop growing?

I dont know when HIS brain stopped growing, but im sure YOURS already did!

How can you get from an a cup to a c cup?

If your breasts have not stopped growing, be patient. If they have stopped growing there is little to nothing you can do without consulting your doctor.

How do you know if a girl has stopped growing?

The only way I know is if your shoes feel like they aren't getting tighter, if you know what I mean? If you have to keep getting new shoes each year then they are still growing, but if you can wear the same shoes for over a year then your feet are most likely done growing.

How has the handling of diversity in Africa stopped the economy of Africa from growing?

Stopped economy from growing because of the deadly disease going around such as aids

If you are 21 male have you stopped growing?


How do you know your feet has stopped growing?

1. They do stop growing when you are about 12 13 14 you know because your shoe size does not go up for say 6 to 12 month but i am ten and i am 8s my stopped growing a year ago and yes i am very tall. 2. it depends, I'm 18 years old and I'm also tall 6'4, i was a size 13 and just had to by 14's.

How can you tell when your breasts have stopped growing?

We stop growing around the age of 21 so by then.

My penis is about 5.75 inches and girth is 6 does this mean your adult growth has happened?

I don't know if you have stopped growing in that department but you have reached the average.

You are a 14-year old girl and your height is 5.2 inches will you still grow?

Maybe it depends. I know someone who stopped growing when she was 9.

How do you know when youve stopped growing?

You can't be absolutely sure unless you have had an x-ray of your growth plates which are confirmed to be fused.