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she will act a little strange and won't be able to keep eye contact with anyone. She will probably stutter a lot! To keep your mind off of it do something lik play a game, do an outside activity, or just watch some t.v. If it still bothers you afterword, call her and ask her what is going on, or the next time your at school ask hersomewhere that is private. If that doesn't work, let her know how you feel and tell her that you don't like the way she's been acting!!! So, just don't worry to much, I know what your going through!

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Q: How do you know if your friend is keeping a secret from you?
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What do you do if your friend is keeping a secret from you?

What ever you do never force them to tell you !

What if a friend knows a secret there not supposed to?

If they know a secret that they are not suppose to. You can best advice them to keep it a secret.

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That's not an idiom. Keeping a matter secret means not letting anyone know about it.

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How do you get a boyfriend and keep it a secret if your friend knows who it is and is spreading it around the school?

You really need to tell them how you feel and as far as keeping relationships secret it is next to impossible to do this. Best Wishes!

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How do you tell a straight girl you love her?

I assume you are a girl and she is your friend. You need to keep this to yourself if you want to keep her as a friend. I know this will be hard, but your choice is telling her and loosing a friend or not telling her and keeping a friend. I would say keeping a friend is better than not having one.

How do you know if a friend is being true to you?

you can tell because they dont keep thing from you if thir are yourbest friend and if they do there is no point keeping them.

Do secrets hurt people's feelings?

Sometimes, sometimes not. It depends on what the secret it, the severity of it, & who you are keeping it from. For example, a secret like stealing a girlfriend's lip gloss. It's mean, but it doesn't necessarily hurt you or who you're keeping the secret from. If she were to find out, she might be a little upset, but she will more than likely let it go. It's not life-altering. However, a secret like you saw your best friend's husband/wife getting a little too friendly at the mall with someone else is a big secret & you know it would devastate your friend if he or she found out - imagine how much worse it would hurt hurt if he/she knew YOU knew & didn't say anything.