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you are anorexic if you have a psychological need to starve yourself and exercise all the time. anorexia is an eating disorder that stems from low self-esteem and a bad body image.

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Q: How do you know if your anerexic?
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Are zebras fat?

no they are anerexic

Is cheryl cole anerexic?

No she isn't.

Does riley like food?

no he is anerexic and skinny

Does anerexia affect the person who is anerexic?


Is Megan Fox anerexic?

No. She is just slim.

How much do 5'6 anerexic people weigh?

Not enough.

When your anerexic and eat do you feel sick?

it depends on how much you eat.

How do you treat yourself if your an anerexic?

Being anorexic myself, i can answer this question. All anorexics treat themselves differently they punish themselves and starve there self. Some anerexic people may harm themselves.

Is 8 pounds normal for an 8 year old?

No , that is not normal that is anerexic

What does danelle do for a living?

stay skinny all the daamn time and be anerexic and belemic...

Is being anerexic safe?

No! It is definalty not safe to be anerexic. When you are anerexic your body doesn't get enough protein or vitamins or even carbohydrates. If you turn anerexic you need to resist food (Which for me is VERY hard) soon your body will waste away and disindegrate. You should be happy with your figure, if not, then go on a diet, such as eating less fatty foods, and move to fruit and vegitables. Maybe squeeze a little bit of chocolate over your fruit salad. don't put chocolate on your fruit salad that is fat its fine though like that's going to hurt you and anyway don't become anerexic because its lik talking once its out there u cant stop it. so the first step u take will lead on and on and on so NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Is it bad for a 12 year old to be anerexic?

It can be, but not unless there only like an inch thick