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The field test for diamond is hardness.

You can take your stone to a local jeweler who can apply a probe and tell you whether or not what you bring in is diamond material or not.

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Q: How do you know if you have a uncut diamond?
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How do you know if you have found a uncut diamond?

Take the raw stone to a jeweler who can apply a probe to the stone to determine whether or not it could be an uncut diamond.

What is an uncut diamond called?

The proper words are raw diamond, raw stone, rough diamond, uncut diamond -- all are appropriate.

How do you know if i found uncut diamond?

The 'field test' for diamond is extreme hardness. You should be able to mark glass with it. You can only be certain of your find if you take it to a jeweler, who will use a probe to determine whether or not the stone you've found is an uncut diamond.

What are the release dates for The Uncut Diamond - 1916?

The Uncut Diamond - 1916 was released on: USA: 4 March 1916

How much is a uncut diamond that is registered worth?

If the uncut diamond is 'registered' it must have been registered for a reason. Its value may be part of this registration process, or not. Any diamond, cut or uncut, is worth whatever a buyer will pay for it.

How do you make diamond on alchemy droid game?

Coal+pressure=uncut diamond+tool=diamond

Is almas uncut diamonds?

Almas appears to be a creature which is not seen often these days. So, no: Almas is not an uncut diamond.

Explain why the cullinan diamond is an important gem?

it is important because it is the largest uncut diamond ever discovered.

How much is uncut diamond in RuneScape?

A piece of Diamond that has not been cut and is able to be cut with a chisel.

Do a raw uncut diamond come as round crystal ball?


What is the texture of a diamond?

The texture of an uncut natural diamond is abstract ,and often rough. The cut diamond has sharp, and pointed edges.

What was the topaz diamond original uncut size?

We are not able to find a diamond named the Topaz Diamond, so are unable to answer your question.