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They have both.

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Q: How do you know if transformer has copper or aluminium windings?
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Why is a power transformer so heavy?

Due to the heavy coils found inside the body also you will find an insulation that is oil type, that s why it s so heavy , but if u look at the dry type transformer u will find it so light and compact that s all i know my sir Eng: Amr <<>> The reason that power transformers are so heavy is from the steel laminations that the core of the transformer is built from. The outside transformer is constructed out of steel which also adds to the weight. Transformer coils these days are using aluminium wire for the primary and secondary wraps. This keeps the weight down and also helps in preventing copper theft.

Checking the windings on a transformer What should be the Ohms reading be This a 120vac to 10000 vac step up transformer.?

Don't check transformer windings with an ohmmeter. All you can do is determine if there's a break in the wiring. If it's reading as "open", then you know that the transformer is broken. It is not repairable without a considerable effort. I'm curious as to how you obtained that transformer. It's quite dangerous and you shouldn't play with it unless you know what you're doing. You are likely to be killed if you try to power it up. DO NOT try to use this in a prank. There are lethal consequences.

How do i know that they have electromagnet in the motor?

because it will contain a magnet inside that spins with copper windings like a car alternator

What are the connections on a transformer?

The connections on a transformer are circuit ties for the primary and secondary windings, and any taps. This is a very general question, and only a very general answer can be given. The basic transformer (outside the autoformer) has four connections, and two of them are for the ends of the primary windings, and two of them are for the ends of the scondary windings. Certainly there are many variations on the theme for taps in the primary and/or secondary, additional primary or secondary windings, different windings for different phases (as in power distribution applications), etc. More information on transformers can be had by using the link to the Wikipedia article on these electrical and electronic devices that are used to step up voltages, step down voltages, or isolate electrical circuits (as well as a number of other things).

What happen when the polarity of transformer reversed?

You cannot 'reverse' the polarity of a transformer -it is either wound with 'additive polarity' or 'subtractive polarity', and there's not much you can do about it! For a single transformer, its polarity doesn't really matter. But if you are going to parallel two transformers, then you must know the polarity of each transformer in order to avoid harmful circulating currents in their secondary windings.

how many moles of Aluminium oxide are in 12.75g of aluminium oxideNeed to know?


Cables types does NOT use copper wires?

Fiber Optic cables do not use copper wires; they use either glass or plastic for the transmission medium. Aluminium is also used in certain applications, instead of copper, as it is cheaper although very slightly less conductive. I don't know the present situation, but aluminium-cored wires were introduced into the British telephone networks in the 1970s, at least for local distribution; whilst aluminium bar material was used for the main bus-bars supplying low-voltage power to the switches in the telephone exchanges.

What are the ingredients of gun metal?

Gun metal is a name for a variety of copper alloys, usually bronze, but can include brass. The Victorian confused the 2 types so this makes it difficult to know the true mixes used.

A numder 10 copper wire will carry upto 30 amps of current if copper wire is replaced with aluminium wire and the only gauges are 8 10 12 14 which one will safely carry 30 amps you need t know how to?

# 8 RW90

What is a radio transformer?

A radio transformer is a transformer having a tapped winding or two or more windings designed to furnish inductive reactance or to transfer radio-frequency energy from one circuit to another by means of a magnetic field; may have an air core or some form of ferrite core. Also known as radio transformer.

Formula for calculation of cable size?

copper bus bar,sqmm X 1.3times, aluminium means sqmm X 0.8 times.. but cable wise dont know can any1 tell me..

List of the non magnetic metals?

Some non-magnetic metals are: aluminium, platinum, copper, lead.