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You may start having problems with your eyesight, in which case I would go to a doctor or optician and ask for an eye test. (Don't worry eye tests don't hurt , they usually ask you to read off a chart on a wall.)

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Q: How do you know if need eye glasses?
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What does your eye exam need to be in order to get glasses?

you don't need glasses on spy island

What part of the eye is damaged to need glasses?

Its not the eye its the Brain.

Why do kids need stronger eye glasses?

Stronger than what? It is more common that you need stronger glasses - or that you need glasses at all - when you get older.

How would I go about purchasing eye glasses?

You can go to an optometrist's office first to find out how strong your glasses' lens need to be. You can buy glasses from the office, but you can also order them from sites like, after you know which prescription you need.

What does a eye doctor do?

tells you if you need glasses or not

You are going to airsoft war tomorrow and you know you need eye protection and you already have prescription glasses what are some sudgestions for eye protection?

Head down to wal-mart and get a paintball mask or shooting glasses. They need to be rated to stop up to 400fps.

What does an eye doctor do?

The eye doctor checks your eyes and they tell you if you need glasses

How do you get glasses?

You go for an eye test to an optician who will tell you if you need glasses

What does it mean when you see fuzz in your eye?

you need glasses

Did river phoenix need glasses?

Yes he had a lazy eye

Can you buy over the counter distance vision glasses?

Unfortunately no. The only over the counter glasses you can buy are for reading. You would have to go to an optical shop or buy glasses on line for distance.

Why would you need glasses?

You need glasses to correct your vision. If you can't see far or close distances, glasses help you. They reflect how the image bounces off your eye.