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there are pictures of him with a cig in hand

Also some videos of him smoking. === === Stupid Mason Musso, why does he smoke? It's a nasty habbit, especially for a singer. *sigh* Stupid Mason Musso.

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Q: How do you know if Mason Musso smokes?
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Trace Cyrus smokes dicks Mason Musso smokes ass Anthony Improgo smokes, but he's quitting.

None of them smoke its all rumors?

aparently, only mason and Blake smokes. Mason Musso and Blake Healy smoke. I saw them smokeing at the concert.

Where is mason musso from?

mason musso is from Texas

What is the birth name of Mason Musso?

Mason Musso's birth name is Mason Tyler Musso.

Who is Mason Musso related to?

Mason Musso is related to Mitchell Musso.

Does Mason Musso have Facebook?

Mason MussoYes, Mason Musso has Facebook.

What age is Mason Musso?

Mason Musso is 20.

What is mason musso herritage?

Mason Musso is Italian.

What is mason musso's whole name?

Mason Tyler Musso

What is mason musso weight?

mason musso weight is162.

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Mason Musso ISN'T FAT!!

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Mason Musso is older. Hes was born in 1989. Mitchell Musso was born in 1992.