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go slow at first, then back up a tiny bit, then go back to kissing but more hardcore

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Q: How do you kiss if you're nervous?
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How do you kiss a guy for the first time when youre super nervous?

To do anything good be it kissing or anything, you must remove nervousness. Relax your yourself and enjoy the moment.

How do you kiss your boyfriend when his friends are in the room?

just go up and kiss him youre a girl youre independent strong and alive make the most of it!

How do you kiss a nervous boy?

I say you just kiss him. if he is nervous and you aren't then you kiss him and see what he says after that... if you like eachother then it shouldnt be that bad.

What should you do when you want to kiss?

melt her in youre arms, kiss, then have a lot of good sex

What does a kiss taste like?

the person who youre kissing's mouth. lol

Is you first kiss nervous?

It is.

How do you not be nervous when you kiss a guy?

By realizing that the Guy is twice as nervous about kissing you.

What do you do after a French kiss?

after your first kiss, stare into his (or her. im a girl) eyes and dont look away until they do. then you can kiss them again and...if youre a girl hug him and let him hold you. if youre a guy hold her close and dont let go. go home and jerk off

What is at least 3 conditions or diseases in youre nervous system?


Why won't your boyfriend hold your hand or even kiss your hand or cheek?

He's nervous, young, or doesn't know how you'll react. Be forward. Do what you want or ask him. Youre young so it won't matter in the long run. Have fun.

How do you not be nervous about your first kiss?

Pretend its your mother.

When a girl is nervous to kiss you how do you get her to kiss you?

You kiss her first. Then she'll know that you want her to kiss you and since she wants to kiss you it will work out. But first you call her hot and cute and pretty and sexy and she will kiss you.