How do you keep cow healthy?

Updated: 9/15/2023
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Q: How do you keep cow healthy?
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Why ensure milk is expensive?

Because it s obtained from a specific type of cow, its harder to keep healthy and producing milk.

Is a cow with a humpback healthy?


Is a cow more important than a bee?

A cow is more important than a bee cos from a bee we can only get honey but from a cow we get all the things we need to keep us healthy like yoghurt and milk and even butter so a Cow is more important

Is cow milk healthy?


What does the cow need to remain healthy?


Why is cow's milk healthy?

because it has calcium

Is it healthy to eat cow eyes?

Probably not

How you can keep your stomach healthy?

you can keep your stomach healthy by eating healthy foods

How do you keep the musuclar system healthy?

By reading Twilight!!! and exercising. and eating healthy. everything you do to keep your body healthy, will keep the system healthy.

How do you keep a chihuahua healthy?

you keep it healthy by pooping on your self

How do you get a sealcase in Pokemon HeartGold?

Keep giving Oran Berries to the sick cow at the farm until it is healthy (5 berries I think) then talk to the girl to the right of it and she will give you the case.

How can farmers get a healthy crops?

They can get healthy crops by putting manure (cow/horse poo) in the soil in which the crops are grown.