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Q: How do you heal a mosqitoes bite?
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Do only female mosqitoes bite?

Yes they do because I believe that they need to feed their babies. The males have no part of it.

Do mosqitoes spit in you when they bite you?

Mosquitos have a special enzyme in their saliva that prevents blood clotting. This allows them to suck the blood without stopping the flow. It is this that makes the mosquito bite itch.

Is malaria only spread through mosqitoes?

Malaria normally spreads by bite of infected mosquitoes. Rarely the disease is transmitted by transfusion of infected blood.

Does Damon werewolf bite heal?

yes he does!!

Which insect have 8 legs?


How do you heal from a vampire bite?

acually there are no vampires in real life

How do you heal a vampire bite?

acually there are no vampires in real life

What has no blood supply of it's own?


Can you heal a bug bite with peanut butter and salt?

Try it and tell me if you die

How do you heal a bite on the outter lip?

The best way to heal a bite on the outer lip is to apply a topical antibiotic ointment or analgesic. Take care not to allow any of these to actually enter the mouth as they are not intended for internal use.

What insect order spred diseases?

Fleas, ticks, and mosqitoes.

How much does anchovie pizza heal on runescape?

9 for 1 bite, 18 in total