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Wellit depends on the officer who gives you the ticket,or the officer can send you to court and the jugde will the amount decide.

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Q: How do you guys think your ticket will cost you were going 71 mph on a 55 speed limit?
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How much does a ticket for exceeding maximum speed limits cost in Pennsylvania?

Exceeding the maximum speed limit in Pennsylvania is 30+ mph over the speed limit. I was going 31 over the speed limit and received a ticket for $190.00. Depending on the area, the ticket could be more or less, but I wouldn't think it would be cheap.

What do I do if I get a speeding ticket but wasn't actually speeding?

Was it a ticket for excess speed for conditions or being over the posted speed limit? How fast did you think you were going? We need a little more information to answer the question.

Is going 10 mph over the limit in a school zone considered speeding to an insurance company?

If you got a ticket for it, the insurance companies always seem to think it's a speeding violation unless you're cleared in court.AnswerThe fact that you were going 10 mph OVER the speed limit would constitute speeding. The fact that it was in a school zone usually makes it a little worse, since there are usually extra signs and warnings advertizing what the speed limit is. If you received a ticket for the offense, it will probably be counted by your insurance company.

How do you use exeed in a sentence?

I think you meen exceed, which means to be greater in number. Do not exceed the speed limit unless you want a speeding ticket.

You are a 19 year old female and got caught doing 91 in a 65 How much do you think your ticket will cost?

i got a ticket doing that speed on the freeway and the speed limit was was 300.00 ..and i just got a ticket today for not stoping on a red i never learn my throwing money away...;(

What is the fastest speed you can go in Belgium while obeying the speed limit?

i think they have, in some areas, a no speed limit. but you cant drive recklessly though.

How many points do you get against your licence for getting a speeding ticket in PA?

It depends on how much the ticket was how many mph over the speed limit.

Distance =20 miles, 5= mph?

if you were going 20 miles but the speed limit 5 mph then it would take you 4 hours i think

What is the speed limit on a township road in Pa?

i think Township Establishes Uniform 25 to 35 mph Speed Limit on Township Roads.

How can you stop a speeding ticket from going on your insurance record in Minnesota?

I know when I got a ticket, I went to the courthouse and met with one of the people there and told them to "stay" the ticket. Which meant that if I didn't get another ticket within a year of that ticket, it would not go on my insurance. However, if you got another ticket, then both would go on your record. I have also heard that if the ticket is less than 10 mph over the limit, then it automatically doesn't go on your insurance. However, I think this might be a myth, because when I went to "stay" my ticket I was going 37 in a 30, and the worker never said anything about it not going on my insurance. It may also have something to do with select counties too.

How many points for a speeding ticket 11 mph over the limit in CA?

I think 2 point and 400 dollar .

How fast is it possible for humans to run?

I dont think there is a limit to the speed a human can run.