How do you grow really tall?

Updated: 9/17/2023
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Eat a good diet, exercise, and have tall parents.

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Q: How do you grow really tall?
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What will make a lima bean grow really tall?

A lima bean will grow really tall when it is kept in fertile soil. They also grow tall when they are kept in smaller containers.

Why do people do not grow trees very near their home?

If the tree is really tall or can grow really tall it might fall on the house!

How do you grow tall at the age 25?

You really can't. Sorry.

How do you grow tall really fast?

Sleep & wear high heels

You are 14 years old you are 170cms tall and you have size 13 feet does this mean you will grow to be really tall if so around how tall?

You will be about 75m

Does your feet grow faster than your height?

our feet grow because if we grow tall and our feet didnt grow we would have pains and we could get really hurt and this messsage is true

How To Grow Tall after 18?

I started growing really tall ,when i started stretching when ever I wake up in the morning,it really help me click and subscribe to my channel to see more tips @freshzillionz

Are you meant to let your hair grow before you cut it into a mohawk?

no you dont but if you want it really tall you can

Which foods are the best at helping you grow?

Vegetables, I guess. If you wanna get really tall and really big, then eat stilts and donuts. hehe

How tall will you be at 19 if you are ft at 16?

You could grow some, or you could be the exact same height. How tall you grow and the patterns of growth are a matter of genetics, and there isn't a formula really to dictate what your height will ultimately be.

How tall can what grow?

It can grow up to 4 feet tall.

Is 5'8 tall ok for an 11 year old?

Not really! I don't think he/she will grow any more.