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Hair grows at about a half inch every month. Using Vitamin E on the hair or eating it can help the hair start to grow faster. Another way is to wash the hair regularly and condition it.

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Q: How do you grow long hair quickly?
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How can you make your hair grow very quickly?

To make your hair grow long you need to drink lots of milk and take caclium pills.

How do you grow your hair longer quickly?

The best way to get long hair quickly is to have hair extensions put in. In lieu of that, taking vitamins and eating right is the best way to help hair grow. Specifically, taking biotin or prenatal vitamins are a good idea because they are great for healthy hair growth.

How do make your hair get long?

a lot of protein seems to have a great affect on hair growth. it also makes your nails grow very quickly.

How long to grow hair to get this style?

it depends on how long it takes your hair to grow

How long does it take for your chin hair to grow back?

This is different for each man. Hormones effect body hair. Some people don't have any while others have a lot, so it is your body that will determine how long it takes to grow back.

How quickly do dogs hair grow?

Depends on the dog.

How long does it take to grow a fringe 6 inches?

I dunno really it just depends how quickly your hair grows. Do you know?

How long can Africans grow their hair?

THere is no rule of how long Africans can grow their hair. It is their choice and right to choose how long they want it.

If you have short hair how long will it take to grow back?

In order to grow the maximum length, you need to eat right, take vitamins, and trim them to 10 I see my sister is such a special pulse massager for hair and scalp, which she bought on After a few treatments the hair begins to grow very quickly.

How long does it take to grow your hair after a hair cut?

Well, it depends on how short you cut it and how long you want it to grow.

If you shave your penis how long will it tak for the hair to grow back?

As long as it takes for your hair to grow back when you have a haircut.

When was Baby Let Your Hair Grow Long created?

Baby Let Your Hair Grow Long was created in 1998.