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Q: How do you ground the housing of a gas welder on mobile equipment?
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What does the term single hand welder mean?

A "single hand welder" is any person welding on a job that is not using their own personal equipment. I.E., welding with a company welder or rented welder until you can afford to buy your own welder.

Where can you get insurance for your mobile welding business? that's where i got mine and i am a mobile welder. Its under small business insurance, then under repairs, then under welding.

What are the wires on a Lincoln ac 225 welder there are 2 black and 1 green?

Check the nameplate on the welder, if the voltage that runs the welder is 240 volts then the two black wires connect to a 240 volt supply and the green wire connects to the ground of the supply.

If you have a spa that is 240V with 4 wires can you hook an extension cord from a 240V welder to it to see if it works if the cord only has three wires?

Well, maybe. What is the current rating on the spa circuit? What is the current rating on the welder? If the welder is larger than the outlet, then no. It must be the other way around. If the current ratings are OK, then yes. Your welder doesn't need 110V so it doesn't connext to neutral. Connect the hot leads to hot and ground to ground.

How is math used by welders?

Maths is used to measurement the component which are joined by welding by welder. Such equipment are measuring tape etc...........

Is there any copper inside an arc welder?

Like any mechanical tool, machine or similar engineering equipment, an arc welder will have lots of different materials inside it. An arc welder is an electrical machine and any electrical machine must have wiring inside it. Most electrical wiring will be made of Copper. So yes, there is likely to be some Copper inside an arc welder.

What are the duties of an underwater welder?

sub-mersible welding machine using reverse polaity. miller welding company as well as Lincoln specialize and sell welding equipment. for more info contact the Ocean Corp in Houston tx.

What is the pay rate for experieced welder in NJ?

What is the yearly wage of a welder? What is the yearly wage of a welder? What is the yearly wage of a welder?

Can a welder be promoted?

Pipe welder?

Can you be a welder with one eye?

I don't see why not. If you can see well enough to use the equipment or handle OFC and Stick/MIG/TIG then you should be fine.

Is TIG Welder is also considered as Co2 welder?

No , although Co2 may be used , along with other gasses , a welder using this process is not considered a Co2 welder . TIG stands for tungsten Inert Gas , so the welder is considered / called a TIG Welder.

How big of a generator do you need to drive a 200 amp welder?

When you refer to a 200 amp welder you are talking about the output side of the welder. What you have to do is find out what the input voltage and current of the welder is to calculate the size of a generator needed to operate the welder.