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Q: How do you go to ebil portal in aqw?
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How do you go to ebil portal on adventure quest worlds?

type in /join ebilportal-992231 to go to it.

What is after the pink portal in the span after killing Carnax in aqw?

Go to orange portal

Where is portal in AQW?

if you want to goto portal, just type: /join portal in your chat bar and you will go there

Where do you get potoins in AQW?

Potions are found in few places in aqw, but where i get my potions are from Reens. To get to her, you must first go to arcangrove, go into the tower, and go to the portal that is nearest to the tower entrance.

What is the blue thing by Warlic on AQW?

Jimmy the Eye!!! There's a game about it on EBIL GAMES, on Mech Quest there's a version of it called Jimmy the Eyepod. jimmy is a eye with wings :D

How do you get free members on AQW?

Create a Master Account. (Battleon Portal) Link belowMerge your AQW account to master account.Earn points via "Get Points" and then "Earn Points"After earning enough, buy membership from the Portal Battleon website.

What is the name of Ebil Fred ' s party?

The name of Ebil Fred's political party is the Uganda Peoples Congress.

Where can you find ledgermayne in arcangrove aqw?

well, go to arcangrove, go into the tower, go to the top of the tree in it and go through portal or type /join ledgermayne its member only though Correction, the ledgermayne area is not for members only...

How do you get to portal undead in aqw?

Either type in /join portalundead or get to it through the main questline (and your Book of Lore!)

How do you complete portal undead quest in aqw?

Defeat the Undead Fire Mages until you get the Fire Gem.

How do you get to upper city in aqw?

To get to the Upper City in AQW, go to Battleon and click on the Falconreach Guardian Tower located at the top right corner of the screen. Enter the portal inside to be taken to the Upper City where you can access higher level quests and areas.

How do you lvl up fast in aqw?

In aqw go to pvp then go and defeat a brawler and you will get alot of exp