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Recently, I've noticed, that the makers of Transformice installed a button next to the Help/Rules button near the menu box on your screen. You can see a little TV with arrows in it. Click on this, and it will take you full screen. The only problem I found with this feature is that you cannot chat when you're in full screen mode. I've heard this from many mice, so I know it's not only myself with the issue. I hope this helped x]!

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Q: How do you go full screen on transformice?
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What is the link for transformice in fullscreen?

Actually you can just click the Full Screen button above the Menu button on Transformice. Or when logging in, click the Full Screen button at the bottom.

What website can you play to get transformice full-screen?

You can now play on fullscreen by downloading the standalone version or by simply clicking the fullscreen button while playing.

Where is the chat box in transformice?

It is in the bottom left corner of your game screen!

How do you see past the borders in TransforMice without downloading or installing anything I did it before by mistake so I want to see if anyone knows how?

Apparently you can press F11 when you are playing for full screen.

How do you go full screen on Microsoft office PowerPoint?

Press the f5 key to go into full screen and the escape key to exit.

How do you you full screen in Minecraft?

To go full screen in Minecraft, you press F11. (Not sure if it works on Mac, but it probably does)

How do you go to room 911 in Transformice?

type in /room 911

How do you change your pic in transformice?

Go to Menu, then click Avatar. Go from there by downloading a picture.

How do you full screen in Lost Saga?

You have to go to options, then click on the screen selection where it says small screen. Click on that, then put big screen. And there.

When did Transformice happen?

Transformice happened in 2010.

How do you change profile on transformice?

By contacting transformice

Do you need to hold f11 down to make the computer go full screen?

Pressing it once will make it go full-screen. Pressing a second time will revert it back to normal.