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Q: How do you give yourself a bad stomach ache?
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bad gas,stomach ache ,running stool.?

bad gas,stomach ache,loose stool

What do you do if you have a bad stomach ache?

your hungry

If i ate mentos and drank coke would I explode Or like get a really bad stomach ache?

Drinking coke and eating mentos might give you a stomach ache, but it certainly wouldn't make you explode.

Is anise good for stomach ache?

It's neither good or bad. Mint is supposedly good for stomach ache though.

What to do if you have a real bad stomach ache with no fever and induces vomiting slightly?

My stomach is hurting really bad what can I do about

Is it bad that after every time you eat you get a stomach ache?

Yes, but there is not enough information to give an adequate answer. Please see a doctor.

Can drinking frozen water that's been defrosted give you a stomach ache?

Of course not. When you freeze water, it doesn't add or take away anything from the water, so why would it? If there was something in the water beforehand that would give you a stomach ache, then yes it will. If you have bad tap water, then this may be the case. What you are doing when you are freezing a substance is you are slowing down the molecules enough that they become almost still, and the substance becomes a solid. How this process would affect the water in a way that would give you a stomach ache I don't know, but the water was probably bad in the beginning, or there was something else that gave you the stomach ache.

What do you do if your chicken drank some soapy water?

It won't kill it but give it a bad stomach ache. Feed it some wheat. That should help.

You swallowed your boyfriends sperm and a day later you had a bad stomach ache is this because you swallowed?


Is chicken food bad for dogs?

Yes in a way.But it wont hurt them.It will just give them a small stomach ache if they ate 1 quart or more though.

Will you get really sick from bad eggs?

Yes and no. You will get a horrible stomach ache and diarrhea but it is not life threatening.

Can moldy juice kill you?

yes it can if you leave a glass of juice for more than 3 days it will give you bad stomach ache and you will die as your body cant fight the mold