How do you give a hikkie?

Updated: 9/15/2023
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"Hikkie's" are simply red marks where blood has rushed too, people give hikkie's by sucking on another individuals skin. Quite a peculiar question, but it deserves an answer.

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Q: How do you give a hikkie?
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How can you get a hikkie?

you can get a hikkie in sex or just bye a bite or a suck from someone eles. you can also call it a love bite or a brose.

What is a hikkie?

First things it's spelt 'hickey' or a 'love bite'. A hickey or a love bite is a bruise or a mark that is caused for when a human is sucking or kissing the skin (usually the neck or arm, it varies).

What is hikkies?

Answer A hikkie (hickie or hicky) is a love bite, a bruise usually on this side of the neck, the product of kiss more like a suck, between passionate teenagers.

How do you remove a hikkie?

hickie, (if you mean love bite) can be removed by applying ice around it. Make sure u dont apply the ice on it, or else it will only grow. it is advisable to keep a spoon in your freezer and apply the spoon on the edges of the hickie.. It wi'll surely disappear in a few hours

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