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Unfortunately there is no way of making your voice break intentionally. You will just have to wait until your body is ready as it will happen naturally. Remember some boys don't see changes in their voice until they are 16 or even older so don't worry if your voice is still quit high pitched.

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Q: How do you get your voice to break?
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How long does it take for a voice to break?

That depends , some break their voice on 13 , 15 or even 17 years and it shows that the older you break your voice . Your voice will sound even more mature and deep.

How high does your voice have to be to break glass?

you have to have a very high voice to break a glass and this is what you have to do to break a glass you can break a glass because a glass is very resonant and frequency. and you also can break a glass by holding your high voice for two or three seconds and then the glass breaks. no its impossible for just your plain high voice you have to have a high microphone (with speakers) to break a light wine glass.

How do you break voice?

You cannot force your voice to break, as the 'breaking' is caused by hormone reaction within the larynx (voice box). The voice usually breaks between the age of 14 and 16.

Can Justin biebers voice break glass?


Is it possible to break bullet-proof glass with your voice?

yes. it is possible. u can only break it with a VERY high pitched voice.

Is there a possibility that you will not break your voice?

It is rare for a voice not to break, but it does happen occasionally. Some boys' voices don't break until they are in their late 'teens, but the average age is anywhere between 14 and 16.

Will voice over training help me break into the industry?

Getting voice over training will be good for you too get a break. You need as much training on your resume as possible.

Do cats voices break?

They can lose their voice like people and there voice can change as they get older. Is that what you are asking? Or like do they break like a glass I don't quite get the question.

Is give him a break that guy framed him a passive voice?

No, neither part of the sentence is in passive voice.

What noise do you make glass break with your voice?

You need a very high pitched voice. And loud

What time of day does your voice break?

At 7:36pm

Does everyboadys voice break?

Only males, not females.